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From unique patient and community relationships to different program structures, optimizing the pharmacy spend of tribal entities requires expert guidance.

Unwieldy 340B = Unrealized Opportunities

The Tribe began to use the federal drug discount program 340B to meet their mission, but soon realized the program is more complicated than they imagined. They needed an expert to show them how to manage their 340B vendor platform and identify opportunities for savings.



Expert Help to Identify Missed Opportunities

The tribe partnered with 340B experts at RxBenefits. The team reviewed the plan’s past performance and identified ways for the tribe to achieve their objectives through referrals and find long-term service engagements to recapture lost savings.

RxBenefits team develops a comprehensive plan

Uncovered Opportunities


In-plan cost 340B
referral opportunity


In-plan cost eligible for 340B at entity-owned pharmacy


Available plan cost not currently filled at 340B contract pharmacies

$880K Projected Net Savings


Talk to your benefits advisor about taking your 340B program to the next level with RxBenefits.

Learn how one drug change saved the tribe $36K

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