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Save money, mitigate risk, and protect your employees with layered

Deliver Better Pharmacy Benefits Through a Comprehensive Approach

For self-funded employers, pharmacy benefits can be a crucial asset for recruiting and retaining talent and supporting the health of your employees. RxBenefits is your expert partner in pharmacy benefits with a multifaceted, layered strategy for taking control, saving money, mitigating risk, protecting the health and safety of your members, and providing the exceptional service you and your employees deserve.

Comprehensive Layered Approach
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Optimize 360

Fortune 100-Level Contract Negotiating Power in Your Company’s Hands

If your mid-market company lacks the size and expertise to get what you need out of your PBM contract, don’t worry – the negotiating leverage of our nearly 3M amassed member lives is at your disposal. Optimize 360 is favored by 80% of our clients for a reason: It handles every aspect of pharmacy benefits, from those initial negotiations to plan support and improvements on an ongoing basis, along with award-winning client and member service. With the nation’s top PBMs competing for your business, we’re able to secure 12-month contracts with pricing and terms that truly suit the needs of your company. On average, our clients see savings of 28%* or more in the first year, with an additional 10% year over year, in proven, reliable results.

*Results based on 2023 client experience

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Independent Clinical Oversight for the Health of Your Plan and Your Members

For employers who want to be confident both their benefits budget and the health and safety of their employees are being protected, independent clinical oversight is crucial. RxBenefits Protect is driven by our team of independent PharmDs making decisions based on the best interest of the plan and the member, not the profit motives of the PBM. Our team works to eliminate wasteful spending and ensure members always get the safest, most clinically appropriate, most cost-effective medication, working from chart notes, medical records, well-established clinical best practice, and specialist expertise. Their prior authorization decisions focus on delivering the best clinical outcomes for your members at the lowest possible cost to your bottom line.

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Reducing Risk and Controlling Costs with Preferred Financial Assistance

Every employer will need to mitigate the impact of rising specialty drug costs on their plan. For some, financial assistance solutions are a critical part of that strategy. Bridge Preferred Financial Assistance Solutions help employers protect their budget while providing the high-priced medications their employees need with the help of manufacturer assistance, carefully vetted patient assistance partners, and discount programs.

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RxBenefits Sister Company
Rx Pharmacy Assurance

Peace of Mind in the Face of Catastrophic Specialty Claims

For self-funded employers, the ever-rising cost of specialty drugs brings with it the ever-rising risk of a budget-breaking pharmacy claim. Our sister company, RxPharmacy Assurance, mitigates the risk and fear of catastrophic claims with pharmacy-only supplemental stop-loss insurance, providing protection beyond your traditional stop-loss coverage so you can be confident that your employees’ much-needed medication won’t threaten your company’s financial health.


Other Solutions

Hospital Solutions

Unique solutions for the unique needs of hospitals and health systems

Hospitals and health systems have unique needs, requirements, and resources where pharmacy benefits are concerned, and those call for more than off-the-shelf pharmacy benefits solutions. RxBenefits offers that something more, leveraging our expertise in working with more than 200 hospitals and healthcare providers and tailoring our solutions to the specific needs of the client. We help hospitals design client-aligned contracts that avoid the potential pitfalls of pharmacy benefits in their space, make the most use of their 340B program and in-house pharmacy, and better serve their healthcare-savvy employees. And we provide hospital-focused account management and award-winning member service teams to ensure your needs and the needs of your members are always being met.

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Optimize MyCare

Patient Support and Guidance for Better Diabetes Outcomes

Diabetes and metabolic syndrome (also known as pre-diabetes) are a top driver of spend for employer and a significant threat to the health of employees. Through Optimize MyCare, RxBenefits partners with Tria Health to provide pharmacist-led, human-to-human education, care coordination, and support for the lasting health of members with these conditions.

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