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RxBenefits Bridge

Managing cost and risk to make crucial drugs accessible and affordable

The medications your employees need most can be the hardest for you to cover.

Whether employees have complex conditions requiring pricey specialty drugs or they’re faced with the rising cost of the same generic meds they’ve always taken, the cost of drugs can be an unbearable burden for self-funded plans like yours. Our Preferred Financial Assistance solutions help connect your employees with the drugs they need, while controlling cost and risk.

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Manufacturer Assistance Solutions

Helping patients access the medication they need, regardless of cost

Available through all three of the leading PBMs, manufacturer assistance programs minimize out-of-pocket costs for patients buying pricey specialty drugs. Manufacturer copay assistance allows manufacturers to connect patients with the drugs they need at a price they can afford, covering the patient’s copay with no additional payment needed at the pharmacy counter.

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Patient Assistance Solutions

Preferred solutions for pricey specialty drugs

When an employee needs high-cost specialty medications, their health, their satisfaction, and your budget all lie in the balance. RxBenefits’ select Patient Assistance solutions ease that burden, helping your employee find and apply for other sources of funding. These solutions are offered in partnership with carefully selected vendors – they facilitate the process, and RxBenefits makes $0 from Patient Assistance Solutions.

Our preferred Patient Assistance solutions are used in conjunction with RxBenefits Protect, our suite of clinical management solutions. This allows us to reduce wasteful pharmacy spending in your plan, offset the cost of pricey specialty drugs, and protect the health and safety of your employees, all while providing a quality experience for them and for you.

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Integrated Point-of-Sale Discount Program

 New January 2024Seamless savings at the pharmacy counter

Even non-specialty drugs can be a heavy financial lift if the price isn’t right. Through point-of-sale discount programs administered by pharmacy benefits managers, members only need to present their plan ID card at the pharmacy to receive the best available price for non-specialty generic medications, all while preserving plan benefits and maintaining RxBenefits’ clinical oversight.

Your members’ drugs should be affordable and accessible. And they can be.

Talk to your employee benefit advisor about supporting your employees while mitigating risk with Bridge.