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Hospital Solutions

Unique solutions for the unique needs of hospitals and health systems

Specialized needs, requirements, and resources can’t be met with generalized solutions.

As a hospital leader, you face challenges other organizations simply don’t face – your financial challenges are affected by the COVID pandemic, and your labor concerns are affected by issues like market volatility and staff who double as employees and, often, patients. Your savings opportunities could include heavily regulated programs like 340B. You could be burdened with a pharmacy benefits plan that isn’t just plagued with wasteful spending but even manages to entirely bypass owned resources like an in-house pharmacy. 

You need solutions designed around your unique needs, requirements, and resources. And you need an independent pharmacy benefits partner exclusively aligned with your interests, with experience and expertise in your industry.

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Specializing in hospitals and health systems for 15+ years

As the industry’s first and only pharmacy benefits optimizer, RxBenefits fully aligns with the best interest of our clients, independent of any PBM influence or outside profit motives. Our hospital solutions have been developed over more than 15 years of working with hospital and health system clients, establishing longstanding partnerships and evolving with our partners to continue meeting their needs in an ever-changing landscape. We currently work with more than 200 hospital partners, from small rural and critical-access hospitals to large health systems, nearly half of which have 340B programs. That hands-on experience allows us to design benefits that serve the priorities of the hospital as a whole and of the HR, pharmacy, and finance stakeholders who are heavily impacted by the health of the pharmacy plan – as well as the members, your employees who both provide and rely on your care.

Foundational Programs for Hospitals and Health Systems

Contract management to maximize your assets, clinical oversight to maximize your savings, service to minimize your stress

RxBenefits applies the aggregate negotiating power of our 3 million members to secure market-leading rates and rebates, with the leading three PBMs competing in our marketplace for your organization’s business. Our client-aligned, transparent, healthcare-specific contracts are designed to make the most of our hospital clients’ assets and dispensing capabilities. This is backed by the industry-specific expertise of our dedicated hospital management team, experienced in managing pharmacy plans to the lowest net cost while serving the needs of the members. Our team is committed to an exceptional service experience, from worry-free implementation and expert consultation to award-winning client and member service.

For plans that could benefit from additional clinical oversight, RxBenefits Protect provides a suite of clinical management solutions designed to eliminate wasteful spending while protecting the health and safety of the members. These range in scope from foundational prior authorizations to innovative, forward-thinking solutions addressing challenges like GLP-1 prescribing and rising specialty spend.

RxBenefits Optimize 340B

High-tech analytics and human expertise to get the most out of 340B

For 340B covered entities, the 340B program isn’t just a cost-saving measure – it can be a financial lifeline keeping the lights on and the doors open, turning medication discounts into patient care and services for underserved communities. Optimize 340B is a comprehensive solution, combining targeted analytics with specialized expertise to maximize 340B savings and provide full visibility into the financial impact of 340B on your plan. Our team can help you identify which employee scripts are eligible for 340B, leverage your in-house pharmacy as a potential cost-savings opportunity, and turn past performance insights into future opportunities to better manage your 340B program.

Optimize 340B

In-House Pharmacy Support

Using one of your greatest resources to its fullest potential

Your hospital’s in-house pharmacy can be a driver of cost savings, a revenue source, and a way to serve the healthcare-savvy employees who are a significant consumer of their pharmacy benefit. RxBenefits’ dedicated In-House Pharmacy Team can help you unlock the full potential of your on-site pharmacy, from member communications to detailed financial reporting and performance analysis, making your pharmacy a key asset for your hospital’s financial success and your employees’ member satisfaction.

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Unique challenges require unique solutions, and specialized employers like hospitals and health systems require specialized expertise like the Hospital Solutions team at RxBenefits.

Talk to your employee benefits advisor about how our solutions can help you achieve your goals.