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Optimize MyCare

Patient support and guidance for better diabetes outcomes

Your employees’ unmanaged diabetes can have a wide-ranging impact.

Employees with diabetes and metabolic syndrome (also known as pre-diabetes) can suffer severe, even lifelong, health effects. This can be devastating to them, and it can also be hard on productivity and your bottom line.

It also takes a toll on your benefits budget – those conditions are a top driver of pharmacy spend for employers. On top of that, diabetes is a condition that tends to have low adherence to medication regimens, which is important for preventing those health effects. Patients with diabetes need extra support to become and stay healthy.

Pharmacists instructing woman on her prescription

of gross pharmacy spend goes to diabetes treatment

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of diabetes have poor adherence to treatment regimens

To support your employees with diabetes, trust our experts.

RxBenefits has partnered with Tria Health, a provider of chronic condition management recognized nationwide, to provide that crucial, enhanced support to your employees with diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Human-to-human support beyond the numbers

Many programs rely heavily on remote readings of personal health devices to guide their outreach. Tria Health focuses on the employee, reaching out to engage members proactively, before health effects start showing up on the glucose meter. A designated pharmacist serves as their personal advocate to provide support, care coordination, and education on their condition.

Expert guidance for care plans that work

Because chronic conditions are usually managed with medications – and medication adherence is a problem for so many patients with diabetes – pharmacists are an essential resource for confidential, one-on-one consultations with members. Tria Health’s pharmacists take the time during each consultation to understand the patient’s background, behaviors, beliefs, and other important factors that can have an impact on the way they manage their health. Combining that insight with a comprehensive medication and lifestyle review, the pharmacists work with the patient to develop a personalized care plan. They also share that plan with the patient’s physician to keep everyone informed and establish a baseline for continuous management that integrates with the rest of the patient’s diabetes care regimen.

Patients and employers see better outcomes.

The results speak for themselves – for patients with diabetes and for their employers.

1.3% average reduction in A1C
48% closure in the care gap for patients with diabetes
$2,255 savings for every engaged patient

The best time to start supporting your employees with diabetes is before they experience complications.

Talk to your benefit manager about Optimize MyCare with RxBenefits and Tria Health.