Pulse Check:

Presented By:

J.D. Kleinke

Healthcare Information Industry Pioneer

Langley Kyle, PharmD

RxBenefits Clinical Pharmacy Consultant

Three things you’ll learn:

1) How consumer behavior is driving changes in the healthcare industry 

2) Current and upcoming innovation, and the impact it could have on pharmacy  

3) What the growth of biosimilars could mean for your clients’ benefits budget

Pioneering insights on healthcare innovation – how we got here, and where we’re going

How confident would you feel about your pharmacy benefits decisions now if you had someone who could see into the future? RxBenefits can offer you the next best thing: healthcare information industry pioneer J.D. Kleinke, who has a keen eye for the evolution of the industry and where it could go from here. He shares it all with you in our webinar. Watch our on-demand webinar for a glance at the past, a look at the present, and an expert eye on everything that’s to come.