Prior Authorization Form and Status Check 

Prior Authorization Status FAQs

Who can use Prompt PA to check the prior authorization status?

  • Members
  • Providers
  • Pharmacies

What status details will be available on Prompt PA?

  • Approved
  • Denied
  • In progress

What information do you need to check the prior authorization status?

  • Member ID
    • This can be located on your Medical ID card (if you have a combined medical and pharmacy card), on your Pharmacy card, or by calling the member services Prior Authorization line at 888.608.8851
  • Prior Authorizations (EOC) ID: a unique number assigned to the PA request.
    • You can find this by calling the Prior Authorization line at 888.608.8851 or
    • You may have received a letter regarding this particular prior authorization. If so, your EOC will be included on the letter.
  • First name , last name, and date of birth of the member


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