Unlocking Growth

Presented By:

Adrienne Kolano, CPhT

Lead Strategic Healthcare Markets Advisor

Three things you’ll learn:

  1. How to navigate the intricate healthcare markets sector and optimize prescription benefit plans
  2. The landscape’s primary challenges and their innovative solutions
  3. The power of leveraging consultative and experienced partnerships for enhanced outcomes

Don’t just be a reader in the healthcare market—be an influential author.

A narrative awaiting its pharmacy benefit hero lies within the landscape of hospitals and health systems. Whether you’re a beginner in the healthcare markets sector or a seasoned pro, seize this opportunity to unravel insights on navigating the twists and turns of this ever-changing landscape to land your healthcare book on the best sellers’ list.

Certified Pharmacy Technician and Lead Strategic Healthcare Markets Advisor Adrianne Kolano will draw upon her decades of experience to share everything you need to know about overcoming healthcare markets challenges, optimizing prescription benefits plans, and fostering remarkable growth.