Annual Contracts Mean You Never Have to Worry If The Benefit Is Wasting Your Money

During the Great Resignation, finding and retaining the best employees was challenging. As economic pressures grow, budgeting for benefits to keep those employees healthy and happy becomes even more difficult. Now many plan sponsors are considering making a change.

A new WTW survey shows almost 90% of employers are willing to make a switch to find high-performing health and wellbeing benefit vendors to help them meet their goals. Finding solutions for clinical conditions, meeting hiring and retention goals, and prioritizing ROI topped the reasons to change.

Rising inflation rates mean employees have less money to spend on medications, and they also may have to make hard choices about cutting household costs.

How to find pharmacy benefit savings with Optimize 360

When you want to take care of the health and safety of your members and retain top talent, a pharmacy benefit that provides actual savings can make all the difference for your budget and your retention and hiring goals. It’s crucial to ensure the price on the spreadsheet reflects real-world savings; too often, hidden caveats and provisos in the contract negatively impact the actual cost of the pharmacy benefit.

With our comprehensive solution, Optimize 360, you don’t have to wonder whether the pharmacy benefit is helping to meet your goals. We perform an annual review so you can see how the benefit is performing. Our clients see savings of 20% or more on average in the first year, and that amount grows year over year thanks to a contract that serves the plan sponsor’s interests and goals. Dedicated service teams for members and clients provide fast, accurate answers and solutions, so you don’t have to sacrifice satisfaction for savings. Plan sponsors can find even greater savings when they add our Protect independent clinical management solution, which eliminates wasteful spending and reduces medical risks for members.

Are you ready to find the pharmacy benefits solution that meets your goals? Talk to your benefit advisor about RxBenefit’s Optimize 360 to learn more.

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