3 Reasons to Make a Move to Optimize Your Pharmacy Benefits in 2022

With prescription drug prices and pharmacy spend still on the rise, sticking with the status quo is not the best option for managing employee benefits spend in 2022. To put it simply, employers can’t afford to take a wait-and-see approach that allows pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) and drug manufacturers to dictate their benefits budgets. RxBenefits’ Chief Executive Officer, Bryan Statham, sat down with Employee Benefit News to share his insight on why self-insured employers should consider making a move to optimize their pharmacy benefits this year. The following is a brief excerpt; you can read the full article here.

Making changes to the pharmacy benefits plan or provider will undoubtedly cause some disruption, but if it will result in a superior service experience and less everyday frustration for members, it’s worth examining.

With employers facing an overheated talent war, rising costs and other challenges, the stakes are high this year – and it’s important to take a hard look at pharmacy benefits plans with fresh eyes in 2022.

Continue to the full article on Employee Benefit News to learn the 3 Reasons to Optimize Your Pharmacy Benefits Before the Next Open Enrollment.

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