Celebrating A Year of Helping Clients Better Understand Pharmacy Benefits

When we started looking for ways to support our employer clients better, we found that they wanted actionable content. Focusing on our clients’ point of view has always been a top priority at RxBenefit’s top priorities. We launched this website specifically to meet the needs of self-funded, carved-out employers who wanted to provide their members the best pharmacy benefits possible.

From basic information on PBMs and open enrollment to deep dives into specialty drug costs, this site was created to house information important to you and to be your resource for the stories you want and need to understand in the pharmacy benefits space. The pharmacy benefits industry can feel shrouded in mystery, and it’s our mission to provide the guidance you can trust.

These were our top stories in the first year of this journey, and we look forward to many more years of providing the information you need.

  1. PA’s the Right Way: An RxBenefits Prior Authorization Story 
  2. Are Biosimilars the Solution to Your High-Cost Specialty Drug Spend? 
  3. Is Your Specialty Drug Management Program Addressing 100% of Your Specialty Spend? 
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