Meet Our Operations Expert: Kori Orsinger

Kori Orsinger, Vice President of Operations, joined the RxBenefits leadership team in October 2020, bringing 13 years of operational leadership and business development expertise to the company.

A Natural Leader

Kori’s 11+ years in the employee benefits space began at Businessolver, a top benefits administration software company, where she held several leadership positions. “Prior to RxBenefits, I had an incredibly dynamic experience with Businessolver. I had about nine roles in 10 years,” Kori said.

During her tenure, Kori was responsible for operational success in several pertinent areas of the business. She played a crucial role in helping the company grow from 120 employees and one office location to more than 1,000 employees in seven locations, including a heavy remote population. Additionally, she helped improve the company’s processes and launched a new department.

The Switch to RxBenefits

So, why join RxBenefits? Known for her unwavering energy and embracing a growth-oriented attitude, the potential to support the company’s expansion goals was a large factor in Kori’s decision to pursue the opportunity at RxBenefits. “I knew that if I did ever go anywhere, it was going to be a growth-oriented company, both for the excitement and challenge but also the chance to apply experience and lessons learned at my prior company,” she said. In addition, the company’s people and culture were significant factors in her decision. “It was clear to me that this is a company that focuses on people, both employees, and customers,” said Kori. “Understanding how I would lead my team and interact with my team members was as important as assessing that I could functionally do the job,” she said.

In her current role, Kori oversees the company’s operations functions. This includes everything from the client’s first experience with RxBenefits during implementation to supporting their day-to-day needs and ongoing changes to ensure they are taken care of. In addition to leading a team of more than 200 people in delivering operational success for internal and external partners, she is responsible for various aspects of pharmacy benefit manager relations, data integration, facility management, and client and member care.

Travel and Outdoor Enthusiast

Outside of her busy career, you can find Kori putting her infectious energy towards various exciting hobbies. As a Colorado native, some of Kori’s favorite pastimes include spending time outdoors in the mountains, especially when it involves joining her husband on motorcycle adventures.

Additionally, Kori is a seasoned traveler who loves to explore new destinations. To date, her travels span across 14 different countries and nearly every state within the U.S. However, it wasn’t until Kori joined RxBenefits and made her way to the Birmingham, AL, headquarters that she finally got to check Alabama off the list of states she had not visited.

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