Positive Employee Experience at the Heart of Member Satisfaction

In 2021, RxBenefits celebrated once again being awarded top honors as the Best Place to Work among our city’s largest companies. The happiness and well-being of our employees have always been a priority, and It’s no secret that employee satisfaction is a key component in the success of an organization. Happy employees are more motivated, productive, and engaged, resulting in a positive employer reputation and higher overall performance for the company.

RxBenefits sees customer service as an essential component of company performance, and we embrace and firmly believe in the mindset that happy, engaged team members provide the highest level of service to our customers. So, as we reflect on this honor, we recognize that the superior service experience RxBenefits offers comes from having a dedicated customer service team that is passionate about what they do and who they serve.

Our exceptional client and member service teams are at the heart of RxBenefits’ success. RxBenefits’ award-winning customer service team has earned a reputation for service excellence, as demonstrated in the company’s 8.8/10 overall client satisfaction score and 2020 Net Promoter Score of 71, compared to the PBM industry average of 0 (on a scale from -100 to 100).

What truly sets RxBenefits’ customer service experience apart is undeniable: the talent and passion of our people. “Having a team that loves what they do is why our team provides service the way it should be – by treating each caller as if they are a member of their own family,” says Kori Orsinger, RxBenefits’ Vice President of Operations. “Taking the time to call pharmacies for members, tracking prescriptions to ensure they’re filled on time, and following up with members to confirm they are satisfied are just a few of the ways our team consistently goes above and beyond. Their ability to support members’ needs with empathy and efficiency during some of their most personal and challenging circumstances is why the team has received award-winning recognition for two straight years by the Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service.

After joining forces with Confidio, the RxBenefits customer service team now serves a combined customer base representing more than three million member lives. Because of the exceptional customer and member service experience that remains at the heart of the RxBenefits model, this growing number has not diminished the team’s commitment to treating each caller with personalized attention and compassion. “At RxBenefits, we believe that you can do good, by doing good,” said Chief Executive Officer Bryan Statham in a press release. “I am proud of the exceptional customer and member experience our team is providing, which is core to our company’s DNA and unrivaled in the pharmacy benefits space.”

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