RxBenefits’ Bradley Nelson Sheds Light on Off-Label Specialty Use on Healthcare de Jure

Bradley Nelson, Senior Director of Clinical Services at RxBenefits, recently engaged in a thought-provoking conversation on Healthcare de Jure with host Matt Fisher. The episode tackled the intricate realm of off-label drug prescribing, delving into both the clinical and consumer aspects.

Nelson highlighted two facets of off-label use: clinicians exploring alternative benefits, and consumers driving demand for non-indicated purposes. GLP-1s, including medications like Ozempic, have garnered attention for off-label weight-loss use; however, Nelson advises that people should only use drugs for FDA-approved diagnoses. Drugs impact more than their intended target, so it can be dangerous to roam outside the tested parameters of the drug.

Listen to the full episode of Healthcare de Jure to gain insights into the complexities of off-label drug use and its impact on healthcare systems.

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